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Norbert Dentressangle is a major European transport, logistics, and freight forwarding company. As leading supply chain experts, they operate a network of temperature controlled warehousing sites across the UK.

Having already established a working relationship, Polarbase were the optimal supplier for Norbert Dentressangle’s most recent requirement. The company approached Polarbase with a clear brief to supply a temperature critical storage solution at the 50,000sq ft. distribution centre in Heathrow.

The specification supplied by Norbert Dentressangle included the design, supply, site survey, delivery, erection and commissioning of a PIR Panel Built Freezer Complex. The facility had to be designed to function at an operating temperature of -20°c.

Nobert Dentressangle will use the facility to store temperature critical ingredients and finished products for their client, En-route Catering. The supply chain will ensure that the hygienically packed products are delivered to railways for the on-board catering of fresh food and drink.

Following a site survey, Polarbase were able to evaluate the client’s requirements and overcome any foreseen challenges, including site access and location restrictions. The provision of CAD drawings in the design process meant that each party had a clear understanding of layout and technical information prior to installation.

Following mutual satisfaction with the proposed project, Polarbase confidently commenced the install of a 72.6m3 Purpose Built PIR Freezer room.

Specialist lifting equipment was required to elevate the large cold room panels and refrigeration plant to a height of 10m, to enable access through an aperture and into the client’s 1st Floor chilled assembly area.

Adhering to the sites stringent food grade storage standards, Polarbase ensured the wall and ceiling panels had a white food safe finish. Floor panels were mechanically laid to prevent frost heave and ensure a hermetic seal.

The bespoke design also included:

The project was initially forecasted to take three weeks, however Polarbase completed the installation in just two weeks.

With all the clients specifications met, the purpose built freezer room exists as a long term solution and further complements the already extensive range of Norbert Dentressangle’s temperature controlled distribution services.