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Polarbase were contacted by Cook Trading, a leading manufacturer of frozen meals and desserts. Since their launch in 1997, they have expanded to 70 stores nationwide, thanks to its high quality product and growing customer base.

Cook Trading contacted Polarbase with the view of increasing their storage capacity on a permanent basis. They required a brand new freezer store, which would be used to house their products. A freezer was supplied to Cook Trading, measuring 5.6 x 4.6 x 3.2 (m) and capable of reaching temperatures as low as -25°c. As with many businesses, internal space to house a facility of this size is hard to come by. It is for this reason we provide storage solutions that can be fitted externally, and are completely weatherproof.

Fully utilising the customisation Polarbase offer, Cook Trading asked for the room to match their existing facility in colour. This was easily achieved, along with the other requests made by the client, which included PUR panelling, reinforced aluminium 5 bar sheet flooring enabling pallet truck use, a hinged, pallet width door and double strip internal lighting.

Being able to install rooms both internally and externally is one of numerous options we offer our clients, as well as being able to design their facility to fully integrate with their existing process.