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Based in Redruth, Cornwall, Prima Bakeries, one of the counties most well known bakeries. Renowned for their pasties by post and other traditional Cornish baked goods, the companies products can be found across the county in convenience stores and independent retail outlets. You will also find them being served in a number of pubs, restaurants, cafes and hotels.

With some 200 product lines, Prima have experienced increased demand for their baked goods and as such needed to grow and expand the business. As part of this growth, it was decided that an additional fridge would be needed to ensure segregation their high risk, finished products from raw ingredients.

As a previous customer of Polarbase, the Managing Director of Prima Bakeries, Mark Norton, approached us to discuss the details and asked us to draw up a proposal. With limited space internally, the new fridge needed to be sited outdoors but required access from inside the bakery. Martin Bowman, Regional Sales Manager, recognised the client was looking for a high quality product, a reliable service and a speedy response time, and he didn’t disappoint. After ensuring the necessary site preparation had been completed by the companies building contractor, the aperture had been cut and the area cleared, the delivery and installation dates were booked in.

The finished product was built to the following specification: