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Cold Room Installation – Split Refrigeration System

Cold Room Installation – Split Refrigeration System We recently installed a split refrigeration system for a childcare service provider. The client required a split refrigeration system, consisting of a chiller and freezer. The contract was awarded to Polarbase as the price
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Multi-Compartment Installation

Multi-Compartment Installation We recently installed a four room complex, consisting of two chillers (one room with a partitioning wall) and two freezers each independently constructed. The Polarbase install team completed the installation almost two weeks before deadline. Take a look
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F-GAS: The Hot Topic In The Cold Room Industry

F-GAS: The Hot Topic in the Cold Room Industry This week Polarbase’s Regional Sales Manager, Martin Bowman, spoke to Marketing Assistant, Lauren Henderson, about F-Gas, its effect on the cold room industry and how Polarbase are adapting to new
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