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By storing perishable items at a chilled temperature, bacteria is inhibited from multiplying. It is these bacteria that will reduce the quality of most perishable items and essentially eat away at your profits. A reliable, efficient, cold store is essential for maximising the shelf life of delicate items.

Whether you are storing fruit, vegetables, salad, meat, dairy, fish, desserts, baked goods, beverages, composites, medicines, laboratory samples or any other perishable product, a Polarbase modular chiller room will provide you with a clean, foodsafe environment for storing your stock.

Each chiller can be supplied with or without flooring and can be sited internally or externally by using a weatherproofing membrane and rainwater system.

To ensure your products remain chilled all year round, our technical team will calculate the amount of refrigeration (duty) required to maintain your products perfect storage temperature. They will take the time to understand your business and will ensure the specification of your walk in chiller meets the demands of your operation.

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