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Flooring and Ramps


Modular floors


When operating forklift trucks and heavy pallet trucks, it is often necessary to utilise a concrete floor. Through our network of sub-contractors we will appoint a local civil engineering company.

Heater Mats for Freezers

In order to prevent damage to the substrate, our modular freezer floors are supplied with an integral heater mat. These are also in laid – when casting a new concrete slab for our freezer rooms.

Checker plate overlay

Our checker plate overlay can be supplied in a range of thicknesses to provide reinforcement of our modular floors.

Resin and Altro Vinyl

Our resin flooring offers antibacterial properties ideal for any industry handling food and drink. Our resin flooring has been installed within dairies, meat and fish processing companies, bakeries and kitchens.

Our vinyl flooring provides long lasting slip resistance and due to its durability, can withstand heavy traffic areas, including wheeled traffic.

Both types of flooring are available in a range of colours and specifications, to suit any requirement you may have.


Ramps fixed or removable

Ramps can be cast as part of a concrete floor, or supplied as a removable option.