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Panels, Windows and Doors




Our PUR (polyurethane) modular panels are manufactured by injecting the insulation at high pressure, free from CFCs and HCFCs. These are pre-manufactured to specific sizes, making installation simple and efficient. Available in either silver or white, in range of thicknesses to meet your refrigeration requirements.The available panel thicknesses are: 60, 80, 105, 150mm

Fire classification: Class B-S2,d




Our PIR (polyisocyanates) panels are manufactured by injecting the insulation between two steel plates. The panel sizes are available in the following sizes: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm and can be used as both wall and ceiling panels. Our PIR panels are FM Global Approved and are therefore recognised as universally compliant for the construction of all types of industrial cold rooms.

Available in a range of colours – please specify colour preference when enquiring.

Fire classification: Class B-S1,d0

 Ceiling Suspension kits

Rooms with a ceiling span exceeding 7 meters will not benefit from self supporting panels. For internal builds, suspension systems are supplied and need to be fixed to the steel roof supports of your building.


For external rooms, a polyurethane based adhesive is sealed along each edge of the room to prevent any part of the room uplifting from the wind.


Viewing Panels

Our rooms can be supplied with a viewing panel. These are often used when personnel are working within the room.



Available as hinged, sliding, or high speed, with rails, handles and locks. All doors are supplied with internal release safety mechanisms and doors can also be manufactured to customer sizes/specifications.