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The pharmaceutical sector is heavily controlled by regulatory compliance; therefore it is vitally important to ensure the storage of medicines, ingredients and vaccines fully complies with MHRA and GMP requirements.

Whether you are looking for a fridge or freezer to store vaccines or pharmaceutical ingredients, or are looking for a climate-controlled storage solution for your medicines, our specialist cold rooms the perfect solution for your business.

Through our experience of supplying the pharmaceutical sector, we would recommend using a redundancy system, this will provide you with the peace of mind that should the operating system (known as the ‘duty’ system) fail, the secondary (known as standby) system will automatically change over and provide the necessary backup.

By using low noise, energy-efficient and reliable refrigeration equipment, our rooms are compliant with GMP standards.

With the ability to provide facilities to any scale, with multi compartments, dual temperature refrigeration and a range of floor and door options to suit any application, our team will listen to your requirements and provide a consultative approach to your project.

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