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Racking, Rails and Curtains

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Racking, Rails and Curtains



The racking and shelving used in our rooms has been developed and designed to meet different professional needs. All racking is food safe and suitable for raw, cooked, chilled or frozen food.

Racking can be tailored to each cold room, with various sizing options and customised sizes available.

We have supplied racking within our rooms to the following industries: retail, hospitality, food production, laboratories and hospitals.


As a preventative method of retaining the temperature within a room, all of our rooms will be fitted with polyethylene strip curtains. These add energy efficiency to the room and will help to prevent ice forming inside the refrigeration equipment.


Rails can be supplied in our rooms where necessary.


Our framing is built using aluminium alloy connections, ensuring the framing is strong and secure. The framing has the ability to be adjusted through various accessories to meet specific requirements, including: polypropylene shelves which have dishwasher safe staves and are suitable for direct food contact. Removable hanging bars and hooks, foldable shelves and additional bars can be added to create further space within the framing where necessary.