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Refrigeration and Lighting


Monoblock – Through the Wall/ Through the Ceiling

The most cost effective method of chilling and freezing a cold room is through a monoblock refrigeration system. The monoblock system is an all in one unit mounted directly to the wall of a cold room. By cutting a hole in the panel, the motor is pushed through to allow the evaporator to circulate the internal air,  expelling the warm air into the surrounding area. Monoblock systems are not generally suitable for use within poorly ventilated siting locations or enclosed temperature controlled spaces – please see remote/split refrigeration systems.

To save space to the surrounding area, a ‘through the ceiling’ block is available to be installed into the cold room.

Remote/Split Systems

A remote (also known as ‘split’) refrigeration system is used as a method of expelling warm air externally. The internal evaporator is used to exchange the air inside the cold room whilst the condenser is used to remove the heat being generated (usually mounted externally). The two components are linked by a pressurised pipe system containing the refrigerant used to cool the air. This type of system is used in temperature critical siting locations and where installation space is restricted.


All of our cold rooms are supplied with lighting. For smaller rooms, a bulk head light is often all that is required to the light the room. Our larger rooms, where people may be working inside, will include IP65 (protection from moisture ingress) LED lighting.

If you require your room to be lit to a specific LUX level, please make us aware at the point of enquiry.