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Visual and Audible alarms

All of our control panels have the ability to sound an alarm when the temperature exceeds the set parameters, however this is usually at low volume. As an optional extra we can provide a high volume alarm sounder with a visual beacon attached. This is practical in areas containing loud machinery, and will alert nearby personnel if a door has been left open.

Data Loggers

Using an online Euroscan datalogger means you can monitor the temperature within your cold room/blast freezer online. This information is updated every 15 minutes and with local alarms that can alert you via email/sms so you can have full control over the product inside your unit. All data recorded is archived online and you can create daily, weekly, and monthly reports from your computer.

Temperature Mapping and Validation

As an additional method of ensuring rooms thoroughly meet the required temperature, we offer a full temperature mapping and validation service. The key objectives of this process are to:-

Probe Calibration

A quick and simple calibration of your probes ensures they are reading the correct temperature.


Upon completion of each installation, our engineers will conduct a number of tests, checks and adjustments to settings. This will be recorded on a commissioning report and is then presented to the client.

Service and Maintenance Packages

At Polarbase we offer cold storage maintenance packages on all of our cold rooms. Our experience in building, installing and designing cold rooms, means our customers can depend on our maintenance services with full trust.

The options available within our service packages , provides each of our customers with an end to end solution in maintaining their cold store.

Maintenance at Polarbase will cover:

Our standard maintenance package includes two services at a fixed fee per year.


*Excludes any parts not covered by warranty, call out fees, mileage fees and price per hour fees.